Voices & Votes

Smithsonian Museum on Main Street Comes to Tubac 

Tubac Center of the Arts Hosts the
Smithsonian Museum on Main Street traveling exhibit,
“Voices & Votes – Democracy in America”

October 2 – November 15, 2020.

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Voices and Votes: Democracy in America is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and Arizona Humanities. It was made possible locally by a grant from the Arizona Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities.” 


This statewide traveling exhibit, Voices and Votes: Democracy in America will serve as a community meeting place to convene conversations about what it means to be a citizen and examine the context and main controversies behind America’s democratic system.  Learn about democracy in America as well as a local Tubac Voting Story.

This family-friendly exhibit is supplemented with docent-led learning activities for children as well as adults. Engaging interactive kiosks will let you tell your own story, kids will have the opportunity to have a real voting experience. 

in order to provide the best experience for our visitors and to maintain safe COVID practices,
we require advance registration for this FREE event.

Voices & Votes – Democracy in America

The exhibition will explore historic events and pose questions for today in the following content areas:

  • The Great Leap: Examine the context and main controversies behind America’s democratic system. Learn the stories of our famous founders and those who remain mostly unknown. What were the principles and events that inspired the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? Just how revolutionary was our new democracy led by the people? And who were “the people?”
  • A Vote, A Voice: We have a diverse body of voters today, but not every American has always had the right to vote. The fight for fair representation, suffrage, and a voice at the polls has meant struggle and changes to law ever since our founding. Learn about these struggles, how voting was expanded, and continued challenges to getting the vote.
  • The Machinery of Democracy: We participate in the political system through state and national parties, nomination conventions, and stomping for our candidate of choice. Learn about this machinery of democracy, how it calls us to be involved, but can also control how we get information about candidates and issues.
  • Beyond the Ballot: Americans fight against injustice. Men and women of every ethnicity, class, and state have shared in the revolutionary spirit of rising up and speaking out. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees this right to peaceably assembly and petition the government. See the different places and different motivations of diverse Americans to petition for their interests and concerns.
  • Creating Citizens: Who are “We the People?” What is the meaning of citizenship? Ever since the creation of the Constitution, Americans continue to interpret, expand, and shape the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen. Explore how those views of rights and responsibilities have shaped our national identity and our complex national story.


Thank you to our project partners, Tubac Historical Society and Law For Kids.

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