The Javelinas

Many artists and community members have been involved at every step of the process and continue to collaborate and work towards a shared goal in bringing the highest caliber of art to Tubac, AZ.  

The Javelinas shown below were auctioned in April of 2020 and went to their new homes. Although the Javelinas have found their forever homes, you can still visit a few javelinas throughout  Tubac.  You’ll find “Jaguarina” by Steve Hickman, “Jack and Jill” by Barbara Gurwitz, and an untitled javelina by Virginia Hall in front of the Tubac Center of the Arts.

Many of the Javelina were purchased prior to the auction. For all of the Javelina photos and more on the story, visit the Javelinas de Tubac Facebook Page.

Copper Queen

by Susan E. Libby

Copper Queen’s location at Mesquite Valley Growers has made her a lover of gardens and garden art.  She’d love to become your garden art, so place your bid to give her a permanent habitat in your yard!

Beautiful Hybrid
by Rilla Jaggia

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by Lynn Carey

Alice has learned to appreciate mesquite wood, living outside Tubac Territory Furniture and Interiors for the past several months.  She loves watching the birds and butterflies flit around the mesquite trees in Tubac, and her coat includes these, vibrantly displayed.  She’d be perfect for your home if you are into birding, butterflies and flowers.  Are you her perfect match?

If Pigs Could Fly
by Carolyn Wayland

If Pigs Could Fly has enjoyed welcoming visitors at the Tubac Arch, but he is ready to go home with you to welcome your visitors.  Place him by your front or back door and ask your visitors what they’ve said they could achieve “if pigs could fly!”gs.

Wandering Spirit
by Sandra Brestel

Wandering Spirit has become accustomed to the “good life” being located at Cobalt Fine Arts Gallery in the Village.  If you are a person of refined taste, then you and Wandering Spirit are a match!  Place your bid to give him a home and cease his “wandering!”

Starry Night in Tubac
by Michaelin Otis

Starry Night in Tubac is modeled after Van Gogh’s Starry Night, which is often described as timeless and universal.  Starry Night in Tubac does have some differences from the original, though.  Notice that Van Gogh’s buildings have been replaced on this javelina with local Tubac buildings!  The winning bidder will surely be someone who appreciates the beauty AND the sense of place of this javelina.

by Tige Reeves

#A-10J is one of our most unique Javelinas de Tubac.  Do your friends also describe you as a unique individual?  Then you and #A-10J are a perfect match! Become the highest bidder and take him home!

by Vincent Gulino

Bitsu:di reflects his location at Lone Mountain Turquoise Company perfectly with his turquoise color.  Are you a lover of turquoise and fine jewelry?  Then you know that this Javelina has had the perfect habitat.  Take him home to decorate and add turquoise to your space.

Cactus Cate-a-Lina 
by Pam Wedemeyer

Being that Cactus Cate-a-Lina’s coat reflects desert flora and fauna, she’s obviously a lover all things nature-related.  Can you relate to Cate?  If so, become the highest bidder and add her to the nature around your home.

Javelina de Tubac
Road Trip 

by Roberta Rogers

Javelina de Tubac Road Trip has watched people run in and out of Tubac Market on their way out of town for several months.  He’s obviously into travel and would be perfect for anyone who also loves travel but still enjoys returning home to Tubac.  Is that you?

Footsteps of the Ancients
by Joyce M. Jackson

Footsteps of the Ancients markings are reminiscent of those that have come before us.  Are you a lover of history and heritage? Take the necessary “footsteps” at the Live Auction to make “Footsteps of the Ancients” part of your story.

La Vanidad
by Gayle Gegenheimer

“La Vanidad” means “vanity,” and this Javelina de Tubac comes by it naturally.  With her beautiful flowers and her “svelte” skeleton, she is ready to rock the “Day of the Dead” or any other day of the week!  Are you also described as “fashionista”? Place your bid to take home your Javelina soul mate!

Alice Land
by Annie Allen

Alice Land is another lover of the Sonoran Desert, and her coat is home to a jackrabbit, birds, butterflies and desert flora.  The cactus flowers painted on her base are beautiful bonus.  If spending time in the desert inspires and relaxes you, this is the Javelina for you.  Be the highest bidder and take Alice to your wonderland!

by Barbara Kuzara

Harriet has been enjoying watching visitors “flit” from store to restaurant to museum to store at her location at La Entrada.  The attractive butterflies on her coat, the ring of flowers on her head and her own butterfly wings make her a beautiful Javelina de Tubac that will most likely attract more butterflies.  Does this sound attractive to you?  Then place your bid and add her to your garden!

by Victor Steven Rosenberg

Sonny has been brightening the door at Jane’s Attic watching happy customers “light up” when they find that perfect item to take home.  Make your face “light up” when you win Sonny in the Online Auction.

Sow’s Ear
by Bruce Baughman

Did you know that a “sow” is not only a female swine, but also a channel that conducts molten metal to molds?  That makes Sow’s Ear’s name that much more interesting!  If you love interesting tidbits like that, Sow’s Ear is the Javelina de Tubac for you.  Take her home and share the hidden meaning of her name with your friends and family.

by Bobb Vann

Have you been enjoying our beautiful night skies lately?  It’s one of the favorite things to do for these little Javelunars.  If your place is a good location for them to continue to stargaze, take them home to enjoy the heavens together.

by Carol Swigget

Hullabaloon is for anyone who wants to reach new heights.  His colorful balloons are not only beautiful but remind us about the benefits of being “full of hot air!” Can you identify with both of these ideas?  Do you enjoy hot air ballooning and beautiful and inspiring Javelinas de Tubac?  If so, be the highest bidder and take Hullaballoon home!

Stars and Stripes
by Kath Clarke

Stars and Stripes have been giving a patriotic wave to visitors at the Tubac Arch, and they are ready to “plant their flags” at your location.  Are you the bidder that can make that happen?

They Were Here First
by Darcy Deming

The animals whose habitat is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum have been very welcoming to They Were Here First.  However, he is ready to bring his coat of native animals to your habitat.  Place your bids to bring him home.

Zona, Superhero
by Del Marinello

Even strongmen like Zona, Superhero need a place to call home.  Will you be the “last man (or woman) standing” that is strong enough to place the highest bid and bring his Arizona state flag colors into your headquarters?

Dr. Maria Montessori
by Montessori de

Santa Cruz School

Dr. Maria Javelina was lovingly made by the students at the Montessori de Santa Cruz School in Tubac.  Her coat shows she is all about education. History is one of her favorite subjects, which is why she loves living in Southern Arizona with its many interesting stories that create it history.  If you’d like to make her part of your story, make history by placing the highest bid!

Untitled Javelina
Virginia Hall

This javelina was created by Virginia Hall, one of the artists who conceived of the Javelinas de Tubac project.  It’s only fitting to raise your paddle to applaud her idea and the entire Javelinas de Tubac exhibit.

Jack and Jill
Barbara Gurwitz

Jack and Jill have unending energy, as most young ones do!  They like to run up and down the “hill” (or ramps as you humans call them) in front of the Tubac Center of the Arts.