Art Speaks

Art Speaks Series

 TCA hosts a monthly Art Speaks series with presentations by experts in a variety of art topics, often led by Tucson Museum of Art docents.

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2021/2022 Art Speaks Schedule

Art Speaks presentations are scheduled on the second Thursday of the month, October through March at 5-6:15pm.



The 2021-2022 Season will be presented live in the gallery each month.

Preregistration is required.  Register online or call TCA at 520-398-2371.

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October 14, 2021
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Pat Waddell
October 14th, 5pm

“To Infinity and Beyond”

Yayoi Kusama is the most successful, living, female artist in the world. This talk will explore the context of her artwork as it relates to concepts like infinity, obliteration, alternate realities, and death. This exploration includes painting, sculpture, fashion, film, poetry, performance, and installation artwork.

$10 Nonmember registration.

Free TCA Member registration.

Jaye-Lynn Trap
November 11th, 5pm

“Arthur Dove Creates Landscapes of the Mind”

America in the 1910s and 1920s experienced rapid industrialization and urban growth. Arthur Dove sought refuge from the quickened pace of historical change by translating nature into an abstract and distinctly modern vocabulary of color, shape, and line. This retreat into the slow, sustained rhythms of the natural world, its annual renewal, and its visual, spiritual, and auditory sensations define his career. Dove, who was an ardent amateur musician, was also deeply inspired by the parallels between the visual arts and music and created many works inspired by the popular songs he listened to on the radio.

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Carolyn Wayland
December 9th, 5pm

The Spiritual Tradition in 20th Century Art

Abstract art has a compelling history in the twentieth century and some of its better-known painters were very much concerned with the spiritual dimension of existence and a universe with meaning beyond the material, scientific and mundane. Artist Wassily Kandinsky in his book, On the Spiritual in Art, called out to other artists to reflect this attitude and energy in their work. We will also look at Hilma aft Klint and the Transcendental painters including Arizona artist, Agnes Pelton.

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Chuck Tampio
January 13th, 5pm

Making Faces: 500 Years of Self-Portraits

Artists often reveal intimate information about their self-perception when doing a self-portrait. Without using words, they’re saying here I am. This talk will review self- portraits by significant artists you may know and some you may enjoy learning about.

$10. Nonmember registration. 
2 or more Nonmember registrations.

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Judith Tracy
February 10th, 5:30pm

Art Off the Reservation: Contemporary Native American Art 

This talk will review the artwork of contemporary, indigenous artists. Their artwork reflects both heritage and innovation. Contemporary culture impacts perception and creativity and self-expression for young artists.

$10 Nonmember registration.
2 or more Nonmember registrations.

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Susie Heintz
March 10th, 5pm

Thoroughly Modern Mary Cassatt

Meet the Impressionist artist Mary Cassatt. We will view her art, experience her powerful personality and analyze her struggles as a premier female artist. Her relationship with the artist Edgar Degas will be highlighted, and you will determine if Cassatt is thoroughly modern.

$10 Nonmember registration.

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The Art Speaks program is made possible in partnership with the Tucson Museum of Art and with the support of
Arizona Humanities and National Endowment for the Humanities.