Lauren Steinert



I believe objects hold memory more distinctly than people do. Spending immersive time with different objects around my home, studio, and the communal spaces I occupy, I attempt to visually translate the stories people have left behind by laboriously tracing the overlapping, historic marks built up on the surface of work tables, stools, and tools.

By recording these impressions, I am able to document the space’s history. Excavation of nicks, scratches, gouges, and stains reveals events and sequences that have been overlooked and forgotten, evoking the memory of the hundreds of people who have used these surfaces. Through tracing, I uncover the presence others have left behind and consider the accrued time and moments these objects have witnessed.

Imprint is an exhibition in which printmaking presents the marks and history from the communal printmaking lab at the University of Arizona. The translated marks are presented in order to question notions of what is ephemeral or ever- lasting.  Lauren Steinert

Lauren C. Steinert received a Bachelor of Science and Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in printmaking and glass-working along with a Bachelor degree’s in Environmental Science and German. She recently completed an MFA in Studio Art within the Printmaking department at the University of Arizona. She currently works as a Printmaking Instructor for Pima Community College and is a Glassblowing Instructor at the Sonoran Glass School in Tucson, Arizona.