Painting the Cosmos

Carolyn Wayland

November 19, 2021 – January 2, 2022

In this exhibition, Carolyn Wayland explores the idea that paintings could communicate universal truths. As a student of Buddhist/spiritual studies over the past thirty years, Carolyn’s paintings speak to concepts that have provided her with valuable lessons which have helped her live in a more meaningful and skillful manner.  The visual presentation is complimented with a book that includes the images, preliminary painting sketches, and writings expounding on the concepts that inspired the artwork.

The Buddha said that we must discover the truth for ourselves in order to make sense of life.  How much of that truth is discovered comprises each individual’s journey?  Each painting can be a contemplative experience and stimulate curiosity in the mind of the viewer.

Carolyn Wayland

Quick gestural brushstroke moved to the music at hand, and a color-saturated palette are an integral part of Carolyn Wayland’s paintings.  The rest emerges from deep inside, her life experiences, and the esoteric side of life including theosophical and Buddhist studies.