NOMAD: Art From the Road

Paintings by Randall Lee Case

February 24 – April 2, 2023


Not quite two years ago, chasing a long-held dream, the formerly Texas artist literally hit the road to begin participating in top-tier juried art festivals across the country. Amazingly, already to date, he has featured his large-scale contemporary landscapes in well over 50 prime events (winning more than a few “best” awards along the way). The ever-developing result of his efforts are on display here,

The theme/basis of this seven-week “NOMAD” exhibition was, in fact, created originally by the rigorous scheduling of so many art festivals. Specifically, selling art at so many events required CASE to constantly create new artworks while “ON THE ROAD” to maintain booth inventory. The challenge that confronted him essentally boiled down to: where in the world could he paint (i.e. hotel rooms won’t work as an art studio)? His ultimate solution to the no studio dilemma came when he discovered there were usually beautiful (though often primItive) campgrounds near or enroute to upcoming festivals. So CASE began to develop his “art camping” strategy (Tools needed: sleeping tent, dining fly, plywood easel and paints table). From the first moment he absolutel y loved his new “studio”. Not only did art camping solve his studio issue, but going totally “plein-air” has forever changed both the artist and his art. Prior to his all-outdoors conversion, CASE had always created art indoors under artificial lighting (and completely separated from his nature subjects). Nowadays, however, he crafts every artwork under natural sunlight amidst the nature elements which inspire him so. In short, the artist’s inspiration is forever close and never in short supply.

About the exhibition works on display:

The pieces in this show are either CASE’s lastest works or new interpretations of his (personally) favorite works, all created on the road during his festival art camping. Each painting is created using the artist’s especially unique technique he developed which combines oil paints and oil pastels. This mix allows CASE to both paint and draw on his canvases. The artist also creates and regularly displays works of soft pastels on 140 lb. cold press paper under glass.

Primary influences:

– Subjects: Nature, man-and-nature collaborations, barns, sunrises/sunsets

– Master Artists: Wolf Kahn (always), Pierre Bonnard, Milton Avery, Richard Diebenkorn

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