Meet the award winners from XXXV Arizona Aqueous

Jan Jahnke

Jan Jahnke

“Southwest Oasis”

Award of Merit

“Southwest Oasis” Jan Jahnke Award of Merit

Q: What exhibits at Tubac Center of the Arts have you participated in and have you won any awards there or elsewhere?

I participated in last year’s Aqueous also.

Q: How did you first connect as an artist with Tubac Center of the Arts?

My daughter lives in Phoenix and every year I bring my mom, who is now 92, for a visit. We live in Wisconsin so it is a nice break in the weather for us. Driving to Tubac is always a favorite destination for us. Just love the city!

Q: Since most of us are stuck at home due to the Pandemic, we’d like to know about what you’ve been doing creatively during the quarantine. We’d love to hear what you have been working on and have you learned anything new.

I have started incorporating mixed materials in my work…wood, rusty metal, feathers and stones.

Q: Where do you create your artwork? In your home?  A studio? What is your workspace or studio like? Is it clean and neat or messy? Do you listen to music, podcasts?

My studio is a condo unit next to where I live. It is attached so I just run down the stairs and open a door to start working. It is a very unorganized messy space that I share with my dog Sophie and her many toys.

Q: How do you want to affect people with your artwork and is there anything you would like to improve upon in your work?

I will never be finished trying to sharpen my skills. If I can touch someone deeply and bring joy, peace, or pleasure I will feel like I made a difference with my work.

Q: Where can people see some of your work? Provide your website, Facebook, Instagram, other places virtual or in-person.

www.jan and jan jahnke art on Facebook.

Thank you Jan and Congradulations!