David Mensing: Dynamic Painting with a Palette Knife – November 10-13, 2023


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Join David Mensing for ‘DYNAMIC PAINTING WITH A PALETTE KNIFE,’ an exciting and insightful crash-course in fine painting and fun with a palette knife.. Hours: 9am – 4pm

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David Mensing has been a professional artist for more than twenty years. His paintings are featured in collections and exhibitions across the nation and around the globe.

Dave grew up in Iowa and moved to The West as a young man. He lives in Sisters, Oregon with his wife and their three children.

Before pursuing art full-time, David worked as an architect and a camp director. He has been certified as a white-water rafting guide and at one time was a talented pole vaulter.

Mensing has defined ‘art’ as ‘the pursuit of delight in submission to truth.’ Thus, he finds inspiration in a limitless range of subjects. Mensing’s architectural background contributes to his compelling designs. Each painting is a statement – every aspect of the presentation is important. David is careful to select a title for each painting that reflects the character and spiritual basis for the work.

Numerous books and periodicals have featured Mensing’s work with cover images and feature articles, including American Art Collector, Southwest Art and Big Sky Journal. Recent national awards include Southwest Art’s ‘Award of Excellence’ in Icons of the West and Art and Soul: ‘Professional Juror / Best of Show.’

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Join David Mensing for 'DYNAMIC PAINTING WITH A PALETTE KNIFE,' an exciting and insightful crash-course in fine painting and fun with a palette knife.

The palette knife is an indispensible tool in the creation of deep, expressive compositions. A fine knife painting is rich and tactile and something like a two-dimensional sculpture. While painting with a palette knife can sometimes be challenging, it is always uniquely rewarding.

Throughout this workshop, expect to enjoy lively group instruction and demonstrations with targeted exercises and ample group and individual critique. The focus will be on strategies and techniques that can accelerate growth as a palette knife artist. An artist of any skill level that develops confidence with the palette knife and a deeper understanding of key concepts such as intensities, composition, movement, texture and light temperature is poised to make significant improvement in their work.

At the conclusion of the course, you can expect to have new tools and a new outlook to take your paintings to the next level.