Christy Lynn Greene – Silk Painting – February 24-26, 2024


Silk Painting is an exciting, active way to paint, the colors are luscious and there are so many options on how to apply it and what to create! You will learn this fabulous art form and it’s many technique’s and complete a 16″x20″ painting in addition to others.

All skill levels welcome…no experience required, just the desire to have fun and create!

**No Supply List is needed, all materials will be provided and are included in the cost of the workshop.**

Hours: 9am – 4pm

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Christy’s artwork is a joyous inspiration of colors in motion on silk. Her works invoke a natural desire to experience happiness upon viewing her florals, landscapes, portraits or culture themes…her wish is for you to be a part of the painting…to go there and feel it. Christy lives in Montana and Arizona where she portrays the natural world and cultural life that surrounds her. She grew up in Minnesota, surrounded by a talented artistic family, and graduated with a B.S. in Forestry from the University of Montana, with a Minor in Fine Art. She raised her family in Montana, then returned to her love of creating, discovering Silk Painting, then studied with re known instructors and in 2018 was awarded the title of Master Silk Painter. Christy serves on the Board of Silk Painter’s International, attends art festivals and offers workshops. Her work can be found at galleries in Montana, Arizona, Tennessee, and Mexico. Her works are collected throughout the world.

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Welcome to Silk Painting! In this workshop, you’ll learn these three techniques:

1.  Serti Technique: “Serti” is a French word and technique meaning “fenced in”. And that is what this technique does!  With use of a “resist”, the silk painter can contain their paints/dyes within a particular shape. I feel this is the best way to begin to learn the art of Silk Painting. There are many techniques and variations of silk painting, by learning this method, you will have a good foundation and be on your way to the exciting world of silk painting!

2. Marker Resist: This is basically a Serti technique that only uses markers. It's a quick and easy process - and just plain fun!

3. Sizing: Here, you'll have an overview of sizing choices and complete a painting using one of these techniques, this is a process of preparing the silk before painting, to restrict the flowing of the paints, or dyes, where you will not have resist lines.

Silk Paints or Dyes:
I have chosen to use “Silk Paint’s” for this workshop because it’s quicker and you can leave with your finished masterpiece by end of class. There are many brands, I prefer Setasilk or Dyna-flow. All silk painted works must be heat-set, to permanently keep the paints/dyes in the silk.  With Silk Paints, you can iron to heat set, versus having to steam with using dyes, which takes much longer and another class to learn.