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Volunteer Spotlight

Teresa Goorian

Teresa has been a volunteer with TCA for 24 years. Her current position is the office desk on Wednesdays but has also been an active member of the exhibit hanging crew for many years, pulling nails, patching holes in the walls, and hanging artwork. Her favorite part…

Don Cooper

Don Cooper has been a volunteer with TCA for 18 years. He enjoys the position of gallery greeter and he might be the first person you meet when you visit the art center on a Wednesday morning. Don enjoys the art exhibits at TCA and his position as greeter lets him…

Sandy Buehler

Sandy has been a volunteer at TCA since 2013. She especially enjoys working in the Gift Shop. “I enjoy meeting people of all ages from many different areas and telling them about TCA and all it has to offer.” – Sandy Sandy enjoys reading, golf,…

Sharon Ann Burton

Sharon Burton has been a TCA volunteer since 2012-2013 and prefers working mornings at the office desk. She likes volunteering at the desk by the main office because the duties are varied and continually changing for that particular day so there is never a dull…

Denyse Fenalon

Denyse Fenalon, a TCA member artist living in Tucson, has been a volunteer for 8 or 9 years. She enjoys volunteering because it keeps her connected.  She works mostly in the gallery gift shop but has also volunteered in the gallery and with chck in for the exhibits….

Margaret Robertson

Photo: Margaret & George Help us celebrate the 96th birthday of dedicated TCA Volunteer, Margaret Robertson. Our long time volunteer, Margaret Robertson turns 96 years old on November 11th, 2017. Recently her birthday was celebrated at the home of Barbara &…

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