Sharon Ann Burton

Sharon Burton has been a TCA volunteer since 2012-2013 and prefers working mornings at the office desk.

She likes volunteering at the desk by the main office because the duties are varied and continually changing for that particular day so there is never a dull moment. Plus, this keeps me updated on all functions and activities occurring at the TCA.

Her interests are across a broad spectrum. Most include murals, water color and acrylic painting, design, traveling, learning new things and languages, writing children’s books, exercising, skiing, golf, pickle ball, riding a motorcycle, helping others and working with children of all ages.

What you might not know about Sharon:

Since 2013 Sandy has also volunteered at the Montessori School in Tubac. There she helps four, five and six year olds with reading. As well as being an artist she has also written and illustrated five books for children. They are: Grammy Loves Me, When I Grow Up, Desert Moms, Saving Is Wise and my newest published book, Let’s Volunteer.

In April 2017 she gave a presentation at the Montessori School to the older students on how to write, illustrate and publish a children’s book. In 2018, Sharon will be doing a book signing on my newest book, Let’s Volunteer. Much of the proceeds from the books go to programs that help needy children here in the U.S and other countries. Her website is

Sharon is a retired teacher of thirty years from the Saratoga Springs City School District in upstate New York, and an artist. She spends the winters here in Tubac with her husband, a retired attorney. They were attracted to this charming area because of its friendliness, beauty, size, weather and wonderful creative energy.