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Master Artist Gallery Permanent Collection

The Master Artists that are featured in this gallery were integral to making Tubac the place “Where Art and History Meet.” Master Artists such as Dale Nichols, Ross Stefan, Jean Wilson and Mortimer Wilson were a part of the initial Santa Cruz Valley Art Association that advocated for a place in which artists in the area could meet, create and share inspiration. Other Master Artists such as Francis H. Beaugureau, High Cabot, Hal Empie, Tom Hill and Nicholas Wilson came later in Tubac’s history but their presence and legacy continue to be strongholds of the artistic community. Needless to say, Tubac and the Santa Cruz Valley attract the very best of artistic talent.

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Francis H. Beaugureau

Hugh Cabot

Virginia W. Hall

Hart Haller (Hal) Empie

Tom Hill

Dale Nichols

Ross Stefan

Bobb Vann

Jean Wilson

Mortimer Wilson Jr.

Nicholas Wilson

Walter Blakelock Wilson

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