Don Cooper

Don Cooper has been a volunteer with TCA for 18 years. He enjoys the position of gallery greeter and he might be the first person you meet when you visit the art center on a Wednesday morning.

Don enjoys the art exhibits at TCA and his position as greeter lets him meet the visitors and interact with staff and other volunteers.

His hobbies and interests include painting, drawing, reading (mostly fiction) and playing golf (a distant last place interest.)


What you may not know about Don:


His main past activity was skiing as an avocational side line. He was a certified professional ski instructor in Canada and New England. His skiing career ended after 2 knew replacements. He took time away from his professional practice in the winters in order to follow his passion for being a ski instructor. People often asked, “What do you do in the summer?” and his response which they never believed, was “Brain surgery.”

Don is originally from the Philadelphia area and attended medical school at University of Pennsylvania and did his residency at Yale. He practiced neurosurgery for 35 years in Connecticut. In the mid 1950’s he spent 2 years on the Navajo reservation in Fort Defiance, AZ. He fell in love with the southwest and retired to Tubac 20 years ago for the desert life.