Denyse Fenalon

Denyse Fenalon, a TCA member artist living in Tucson, has been a volunteer for 8 or 9 years. She enjoys volunteering because it keeps her connected.  She works mostly in the gallery gift shop but has also volunteered in the gallery and with chck in for the exhibits. Her favorite part about volunteering at the art center is getting to know the people, the staff, other volunteers and the people that come to visit.  She meets visitors from across the country and even around the world.

Denyse transitioned from being an art instructor to corporate training and then currently, into real estate. Her art background helps her in real estate as she stages the homes that she represents.

Denyse is originally from Canada but lived in the San Francisco bay area before moving to Arizona in 2001. She holds an art teaching degree and has taught painting and printmaking to children and adults. Her move to AZ changed her own art and she now often paints plen aire landscapes instead of the studio painting she did previously.

You’ll find Denyse in the TCA gift shop, her art in many of the TCA exhibits, and participating in the annual Open Studio Tour at the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa location.