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2015-2016 Season Workshop Schedule

Roberta Rogers: Watercolor Painting Techniques

$50/Members, $55/NonMembers
4 student minimum

Call TCA at 520-398-2371 to sign up.

Roberta has put together an exciting array of 3-hour workshops so you can pick and choose the areas you want to explore in your creative development.  Each session will highlight a specific topic.  Students can either work on the lesson planned for the day or bring in another project that they would like Roberta to assist them with.

Roberta Rogers specializes in watercolor landscapes and buildings of the southwest.  Her work is recognized by its sparkling color, attention to detail, and remarkable views of subject matter.  A third generation watercolorist, Roberta holds a Master’s Degree in Art from California State University at Fresno.  She is a juried member of the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society and a member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild.  Roberta has been teaching watercolor painting for twenty-five years.  Her work is found in private and corporate collections, and is available in Arizona galleries.  View works by Roberta at

Dates/Topics: Tuesdays from 10am – 1pm at Tubac Center of the Arts

November 3:             Using your Camera and/or Sketchbook for Ideas.
November 10:           Joy of Color! Pushing Color from Real to Expressive.
November 17:          Landscapes/Quick Lessons on Landscape Components, Sky, Mountains Foliage
November 24:         Figures and Portraits: Using Proportion and Color Techniques for Figurative Works.
December 1:            “Artisterariums “– Painting Flowers Beyond Botanical Illustrations
December 8:            Getting to the Finish Line!  How to “FIX” and Finish your Painting; then matt and frame it for Final Presentation.

“The Creative Process”

Instructor: Carolyn Wayland
Fee per session: $50.00 TCA Members,  $55.00 Nonmembers
Call TCA at 520-398-2371 to register.

In this four session class,  students will explore the creative process using the elements and principles of art with mixed media and acrylic.


Tuesdays,  January 12, 19, 26 and February 2, 10am – 1pm


“Oil Painting with Energy”

Instructor:  Kurt Anderson
Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016, 9am – 4pm
Members:$145, NonMembers: $160
Includes Live Model
Call TCA at 520-398-2371 to register.
Advance registration and payment required.

Visit Kurt’s website: Kurt Anderson.

Through demonstrations and personal critiques, Anderson will help you energize your paintings with a classic, rock-solid approach to color, brushwork and design. He shares his secrets from his long study of the old masters and the impressionists to help you reach a new level in your own personal style of painting.

Working from a live portrait model, you will be immersed in the challenge of color observation and color mixing – in finding just the right note to make what they are seeing come alive.  Emphasis is also placed on paint handling and the use of impasto techniques – applying thick touches of paint to create depth of field

Students also learn to capture “the big look,” the broad masses of light and dark that defines the shapes they are seeing.  Anderson helps them to analyze those shapes in terms of gesture, expression and anatomy, learning to recognize the qualities that so subtly express what is essential to the human form.


“Let’s Repeat It”

Instructor: Barbara Borgwardt
Saturday, Feb.20, 2016   9:00am-4:00pm
Members: $110, Nonmembers $125
Call TCA at 520-398-2371 to register.
Advance registration and payment required.
Some watercolor experience necessary.

Barbara Borgwardt Watercolors website
With the design elements of repetition and rhythm as the focus; the class will paint their subject matter in transparent watercolor.  You will learn how these elements of design help to unify your composition. You will also be guided on the use of transparent watercolors and different techniques to accomplish what you may want in your painting.  Always included are demonstrations and encouragement!

Pre-Class Preparation

  • 8 x 10 or larger photo (preferably one you have taken) showing repetition of SHAPE, COLOR, or LINE
  • Using this photo as your inspiration:
  • Do 3-5 small thumbnail sketches in pencil for composition purposes.
  • We will choose one of these thumbnails for your final painting.
  • If needed pre-stretch your paper.

Click here to download the supply list.


“The Nature of Drawing Birds”

Instructor: Linda Feltner
Saturday & Sunday, April 9-10, 2016
Members: $195, Nonmembers: $210
Call TCA at 520-398-2371 to register.


This two-day workshop will guide, enlighten and inspire the artist into the realm of drawing birds. The foundation of good bird illustration begins with some anatomy basics. Physical characteristics show us not only form but also indicate the function of many distinguishing traits. We will compare types of birds, coloration and physical adaptations that allow them to survive and flourish in their environment.

We will gain confidence in observing form, gesture and behavior. A live bird will be brought into the workshop on Sunday.

Visit Linda’s website: Linda Feltner.



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